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Privacy of users of our services is a high priority for us. We collect or receive information about our users and how they interact with us through various ways, mainly for the purpose of providing the services to you and personalising the services so that they become more relevant and useful to you. We respect your privacy and the information we receive about you. You can read more about how we collect and use your information in this privacy policy.


What Information Do We Gather About You?

Information Collected Through Next Media Services.

What Do We Do With The Information We Collect About You?

What Are Your Rights?

What About Sensitive Personal Information?

How Long Do You Retain Data?

How Do You Protect My Information?

What About Links to Third-Party Services?

How Are Changes to This Privacy Policy Communicated?

How Can You Contact Us? Who Is the Controller of Your Personal Information?

  • Introduction:

This policy describes how we handle your data when you use our “Next Media Services,” listed below:

  • Dhauru newspaper, plus digital version of the newspaper

  • Our websites, like

  • Our apps, like Dhauru app 

  • Our pages or ads on social media networks, like our Facebook, telegram and Instagram pages

  • Anywhere we gather information from you and refer you to this Privacy Policy

How we handle information about you depends on which Next Media Services you use — and how you use them. We use different information about print subscribers than website visitors.

Be aware that certain Next Media Services work differently. Some have additional terms that supplement this policy. Others refer to a different privacy policy altogether, so this one does not apply.

  • What Information Do We Gather About You?

The information we gather about you depends on the context. By and large, it’s information about you that can personally identify you — either on its own or when combined with other information.

The following describes the information we collect and how we obtain it.

  •  Information Collected Through Next Media Services.

  • Information You Voluntarily Give Us

  • For Registration:When you sign up for a Next Media Service (e.g., a subscription), we collect your contact information and account credentials.For some Next Media Services, you can instead sign up by linking your Facebook or Google account. If you register for an event or conference, we might ask for additional information (e.g., your company name, your job title or your dietary restrictions).

  • For User-Generated Content:We offer you the ability to post content that other users can read (e.g., comments, poll, opinions). Anyone can read, collect and use any personal information that accompanies your posts. We do not have to publish any of your content. If the law requires us to take down, remove or edit your personal information, we will comply to the required extent.

  • During Contact With Our Call Centers:We collect information from you when you contact us over the phone, website, email or social media channels.

  • Personal Contacts Data:We never scan your device for your contacts or upload that data.

  • For Billing and payment processing

Some of our products offer paid content. In order to make those services available to you we collect information necessary for billing. These include your contact details, including email address, Tax registration number, contact person and physical address (billing address). Payment services integrated with some of our paid services are provided by our banker, Bank of Maldives. All payment information needed for payment processing, including credit card information, are provided directly by you to the Bank, and we do not receive or store such sensitive financial information. The information you provide for payment processing via the payment gateway are governed by the relevant privacy policy and terms of use issued by the Bank of Maldives.

  • Information Collected Automatically

  • With Tracking Technologies in Your Browser and Mobile Apps:These technologies include cookies, web beacons, tags and scripts, software development kits (or SDKs) and beyond.We track and store data about how you visit and use Next Media Services, particularly through our websites and apps. The items we log include:

  • Your IP address

  • Your location

  • Your operating system

  • Your browser

  • Your browser language

  • The URLs of any pages you visit on our sites and apps

  • Device identifiers

  • Other usage information.

  • We combine this data with other information we collect about you. If your browser doesn’t accept our cookies, you may be restricted from accessing certain parts of our websites (e.g., your account on Because the “Do Not Track” browser-based standard signal has yet to gain widespread acceptance, we don’t currently respond to those signals. 

B) Information Collected From Other Sources.

  • Social Media Platforms and Other Third-Party Services:(Social media platforms include Facebook. Third-party services include Google and Nook.)You can link your social media or other third-party account to a Next Media Service. By linking the services, you authorize us to collect, store and use any information they may give us (e.g., your email address). You can disconnect your registration from third-party accounts at any time.We also receive information from you when you interact with our pages, groups, accounts or posts on social media platforms. This includes aggregate data on our followers (e.g., age, gender and location), engagement data (e.g., “likes,” comments, shares, reposts and clicks), awareness data (e.g., number of impressions and reach) and individual users’ public profiles.

  • What Do We Do With The Information We Collect About You?

A) We provide the Next Media Services.

We use your information to help you use and navigate Next Media Services, such as:

  • Making a Next Media Service available to you

  • Arranging access to your account

  • Providing customer service

  • Responding to your inquiries, requests, suggestions or complaints

  • Completing your payments and transactions

  • Sending service-related messages (e.g., a change in our terms and conditions)

  • Saving your reading list, preferences, or searches

  • Letting you take part in paid services, polls, promotions, surveys, panels, research and comments.

B) We Personalize Your Experience.

Through the customer account, you provide us details of your preferences, interests with regards to the contents we provide. We also may track your interests and reading habits (e.g., the articles you read) to personalize your reading experience using technology like algorithmic recommendations and machine learning. This is how we highlight articles you might be interested in and de-emphasize articles you’ve already read. 

C) We Allow You to Share User-Generated Content.

Any information you disclose in your content becomes public — along with your chosen screen name and uploaded photo.

D) We Develop Products and Services, and Do Analysis.

We analyze data on our users’ subscription, purchase and usage behaviors. This helps us make business and marketing decisions.

For example, our analysis lets us predict preferences and price points for our products and services. It helps us determine whether our marketing is successful. It also shows us characteristics about our readers, which we sometimes share in aggregate with advertisers.

Google Analytics is one of the analytics providers we use. You can find out how Google Analytics uses data and how to opt out of Google Analytics.

E) We Carry Out Administrative Tasks.

  • For auditing: We verify that our internal processes work as intended and comply with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.

  • For fraud and security monitoring: We detect and prevent cyberattacks or unauthorized robot activities.

  • For customer satisfaction: We assess users’ satisfaction with Next Media Services and our customer care team.

I) We Aggregate (or De-identify) Personal Information Into Larger Findings.

Sometimes we aggregate or de-identify information so that it can no longer identify you, under applicable laws. This helps us better understand and represent our users, such as when we measure ad performance, create advertising interest-based segments or compile survey results. We can use and disclose this aggregated or de-identified information for any purpose, unless an applicable law says otherwise.

  • What Are Your Rights?

A) How Do I Opt Out of Email, Phone, Mail and Push Notifications?

The opt-out methods described below are limited to the email address, phone or device used. They won’t affect subsequent subscriptions.

  • Email:We offer a variety of commercial emails and email newsletters. You can unsubscribe from them by following the “unsubscribe” instructions near the bottom of the email. You can also email us at can manage your newsletter preferences on your user account.

  • Mail or Telephone Promotions:You can ask us to unsubscribe from our mail or telephone solicitations. You can also ask us to not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes. To do that, please contact us through the website, or email to

  • Push Notifications:You can opt out any time by adjusting your device settings, or uninstalling our app.

  • Text Messages:You can opt out of text alerts any time by replying “UNSUB” or any alternative keyword we’ve shared with you.

We complete any opt-out request as quickly as we can. This opt-out request won’t prohibit us from sending you important nonmarketing notices.

  • What About Sensitive Personal Information?

We generally don’t want to gather any sensitive information about you. This includes:

  • Your racial or ethnic origin

  • Your political opinions

  • Your religion or other beliefs

  • Your health, biometric or genetic characteristics

  • Any trade union membership

  • Any criminal background

There are rare situations when we request this information (e.g., a reader survey asks about your political leanings), but you can decline to answer. Outside those situations we would prefer you never share that information with us.

  • How Long Do You Retain Data?

It depends. We store your personal information for as long as needed, or permitted, based on the reason why we obtained it (consistent with applicable law). This means we might retain your personal information even after you close your account with us.

When deciding how long to keep your information, we consider:

  • How long we have had a relationship with you or provided a Next Media Service to you

  • Whether we are subject to any legal obligations (e.g., any laws that require us to keep transaction records for a certain period of time before we can delete them)

  • Whether we have taken any legal positions (e.g., in connection with any statutes of limitation).

Rather than delete your data, we might de-identify it by removing identifying details.

  • How Do You Protect My Information?

We protect your personal information with a series of organizational, technological and physical safeguards — but we cannot guarantee its absolute security. We recommend that you use complex and unique passwords for your Next Media accounts and for third-party accounts linked to them. Do not share your password with anyone.

If you have reason to believe your interaction with us is no longer secure, notify us immediately.

  • What About Links to Third-Party Services?

Some of our services contain links to third-party websites, resources, vendors and advertisers. These third parties are not Next Media Services. We do not control (and are not responsible for) third party content or privacy practices. Any personal data you provide to them is not covered by this Privacy Policy.

  • How Are Changes to This Privacy Policy Communicated?

We periodically update this Privacy Policy. We will post any changes on this page by updating this policy.

If we make a significant or material change in the way we collect, use or share your personal information, we will notify you via a prominent notice within Next Media Services. If you object to any change, you can stop using the Next Media Services.

After we post any changes on this page, your continued use of Next Media Services is subject to the updated Privacy Policy.

  •  How Can You Contact Us? Who Is the Controller of Your Personal Information?

If you have any questions, email us at or write us at:

Next Media Group Pvt Ltd

4th Floor, H. Hulhugali

Karankaa Magu, Male’, Maldives

We can also be reached by phone at +960 7612020